Hercules, 2022

Bast, 2022

Falling Goddess, 2022​

Eros Mounting Tortoise, 2021

Moonstruck Madonna and Child, 2021

Sailing Away, 2024​

Note - all works are framed using traditional wooden moldings painted black, as with the example above.

Deer in Moonlight, 2021

Bust of Diana, 2022

These photographs explore the representation of high and low art, suggest a history of white privilege, and play with the nature of art construction. These images were shot with a digital camera (Sony a7R iv) at museums, cemeteries and in the front yards of private homes. Others were made by scanning images from Reed's collection of photographs, further blurring the line between between the "ownership" of images. If these photographs feel artificial or manufactured, what would be more appropriate in what Franklin Foer described in The Atlantic as the, "collapse of reality," an age where we increasingly cannot tell what is real from fake?

Moonwalk, 2022

Dunes, 2022​

​​​dennis reed photography

Temple of Blind Love, 2021

Her Dreams are in the Stars, 2021

Broken Maiden at Moonrise, 2021

Urn, 2021

Evocation, 2021

all content © dennis reed 

Calm Waters, 2022

Becalmed, 2023