The eerie, green views created by night vision cameras tracking targets as they were hit by guided missiles provided disturbingly beautiful scenes, like fireworks on the 4th of July, all in a single color. The military actions of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, to which I was opposed, repelled me, while at the same time I found the images fascinating. How could mass destruction and violence somehow appear mysteriously gorgeous, and coldly distant.

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The Shadow, 2007

X-Ray, 2008

​Leg Man, 2003

​Yellow, 2006

​Sleep, 2007

Single File, 2006

Red Street, 2006

​Blast, 2003

​​​dennis reed photography

Arms Left  / Arms Right, 2005

War Series (right wall)

Allegory for the Present: Merwin Belin & Dennis Reed, Los Angeles Harbor College Art Gallery, 2016

Yellow, 2006, private collection

The Shadow, 2007, collection of Diana Zlotnick, Studio City

X-Ray,  2008, collection of Diana Zlotnick, Studio City

Saddam, 2003


selected images